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Manifold Miner

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What is Manifold?

Manifold miner is a software program that can be installed on home computers. While those computers are idle, the excess computing power is automatically used to mine cryptocurrency, which is then turned into US dollars and sent to a charity of the original doner's choice.

Why fundraise with Manifold?

Several scientific studies have concluded that relinquishing money literally activates the brain's pain centers. Unlike traditional methods, your "donors" won't give money or valuable physical items. Instead, volunteers donate an asset they never even thought about: idle computer time. Stop causing your donors to feel pain and get started with a simple, free, low maintenance fundraising platform.

Manifold Technology

Manifold Miner uses the most advanced cryptocurrency mining technology available to create the world's most efficient fundraising platform. Donor computers automatically leverage both CPU and GPU components to mine the most profitable cryptocurrencies, guaranteeing you get the most out of every donor computer. The cryptocurrency generated is stored in ultra-secure, offline hardware wallets before being exchanged for US dollars on American trading platforms.

How much can I earn?

All numbers are approximations based on internal testing. Actual results may vary based on factors such as: age and quality of donor computer pool, current cryptocurrency market prices, and current miner difficulty.




Learn a little bit about how Manifold works. If you don't understand, how will you explain it to your potential donors?


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