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Help Cure COVID-19 With Your Computer's Spare Processing Power

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

TL;DR: We're accelerating COVID-19 research with home cryptocurrency mining. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see how you can join the fight.

Cryptocurrencies first appeared in 2008, as an alternative to traditional monetary management. Instead of relying on banks to verify digital transactions, cryptocurrency systems authenticate exchanges using cryptography and mathematical calculations.

These calculations are conducted by the computers of network volunteers, referred to as "miners." In return for lending processing power, these miners receive a cryptocurrency payout. These crypto profits can also be converted into other currencies like the US dollar. For cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, only large mining operations are profitable, such as the ones pictured below.

However, no special equipment is necessary to participate in this process if an altcoin (a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin) is mined instead. In order to maximize profits for charitable donations, Manifold uses the Monero Network. This decision makes Manifold accessible for as many users as possible.

Yes, that's right. Cryptocurrency mining for charity is simple on your home computer. We have developed an application that intelligently senses user activity and controls the processes necessary for cryptocurrency mining. The application has been designed to fade into the background, only running when the computer is idle to preserve performance.

The cryptocurrency earned from this home mining will be converted to US dollars via national cryptocurrency exchanges. The fiat currency gained from the exchanges will then be donated to a cause of your choice, in this case COVID-19 research. We know these are difficult times. However, with Manifold, and your help, we can fight to be part of the solution.


Due to the current crisis, we are encouraging anyone and everyone with a laptop or desktop computer to help out. To get involved follow the steps below:

1) Download Manifold on any and all computers you have access to. Every little bit counts so don't be afraid to volunteer older computers too.

2) Begin the install process and choose between one of four COVID-19 campaigns you want your idle processing time to support. The four we currently support are:

3) Share this post with as many people as possible using the links below. The more people run this software, the more effective it is. By sharing this post with just three people, you increase your personal impact by 4x.

4) Sit back and relax. You're helping cure COVID-19, as well as providing critical medical resources to those in need. Well done.

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