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Turn your spare computing power into support for good causes

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Why We Need You

Manifold has focuses in disease research/relief, environmental efforts, and humanitarian aid. Taking on these big issues requires a lot of computer power - and we need your help to do it!

Solve World Issues With Us

Manifold Miner allows you to share your unused computer power with us to  help fund solutions to the world's biggest problems.

Almost too good to be true

Manifold Miner is the only method of supporting charities and fundraisers at no cost to you. It works by using one of the world's most common and neglected resources: idle computer 

processing time. Your laptop or desktop computer is almost never using its full processing capacity. Via cryptocurrency mining, these extra computing cycles can be used to support a charity or fundraiser of your choosing.

You won't even notice it's there

Manifold won't slow down your computer, drain your battery life, or require maintenance.

 Your security is our priority

We enable you to donate your spare processing power without every worrying about your computer's security or privacy.

Computers Are Made To Run

Manifold won't degrade your hardware or hurt your computer.

What People Say About Us 

Cameron Doolittle: Senior Director, Generosity Path ; Author, Joy Giving

Manifold makes use of a completely unused resource in an area that desperately needs new sources of income.

Cameron Doolittle

Senior Director, Generosity Path

Author, Joy Giving

Tony Kim: US Natonal Director at Harvest International Ministry

Manifold provides an effortless, easily scaleable new method of raising funds for 501c3 charitable organizations that have meaningful impacts around the world.

Tony Kim

US National Director at Harvest International Ministry

Rich Lechner: Lecturer at Stanford University

Manifold Miner is an ingenious way to put your underutilized computer capacity to work in support of your favorite causes.

Rich Lechner

Lecturer, Stanford University

Anyone can easily leverage social networks, emailing lists, and even a few Facebook friends to effortlessly crowdfund.

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